The Mantle Collection - Taper Candles & Brass Candle Holders

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This is the Mantle edition, which comes with our Carolina York signature Satin Brass Candle holder and our Vanilla Taper Candle.

*This is for two candle holders and two taper candles.

*Note these  tapers candles are handmade, therefore the sizes of the tapers can vary and may need to be trimmed around the bottom to fit into the candle holders.

Brass Candle Holder

100% solid brass and has a satin brass finish, and is made for the Carolina York Collection.

This satin brass candle holder is the perfect addition to any dinner table or mantle piece, our candle holder helps prevent dripping and keeps our Taper Candles sturdy and upright. 

Our brass candle holder is 12cm in height, on the small end Internal side the size is 3.4cm diameter, and the large end internal size is 7cm diameter.

Each of our brass candle holders will come in individual velvet bags for storage. 

Vanilla Taper Candle

Our first signature taper candle is a beautiful addition to any home or event, a striking design perfect for any dinner table or mantlepiece. 

The taper candle can be used without needing a candle holder on its own or with one our brass holder. 

Bask in the subtle but sweet scent of this handmade vanilla taper, with an approximate burn time of 6 hours.

The taper candle is 27cm high and has a 3.5cm diameter.