With warmer weather and longer days, summer has finally arrived. After a cold winter, it’s time to enjoy all it has to offer! Whether you’re an outdoor person or prefer the comforts of being at home, it’s the perfect time to refresh your space to reflect the changing seasons. To capture the look and feel of a beautiful sunny day, we’ve brought you three simple summer decorating tips to help bring summer indoors. 

The Power of Home Decor 

The home is deeply intertwined with our identity and mental state of mind. It’s often said that it’s where we find our greatest sense of belonging; it’s this one place, a sanctuary out in the world, that feels most like us. In our homes, we experience feelings of calmness and comfort as well as excitement and pride. Ultimately, it’s no surprise that environmental psychologists have recorded a slew of findings linking mood to architecture and interior design. The more you get to know your home—really know it—you’ll be surprised by how much you can do to build a space that not only feels good but makes you feel good. Whether you are aware of it or not, the colors you use and the way you organize your furniture can in fact influence your emotional state of mind.

3 Ways to Bring the Summer Indoors



Smell is one of our most powerful senses, and it has a strong impact on how people feel. When picking a smell, remember that there is no right or wrong answer when making this decision. It's all about what makes you feel good and what helps you to keep that summer feeling alive all year long. Whether you prefer a tropical coconut scent like our sunhat diffuser, a sea breeze candle such as our luxury scented candle yacht club, or the freshness of a flower arrangement, just remember to always make it personal.



The freshness of summer is perfect for decorating with a color palette that evokes the look and feel of sandy beaches, lush gardens, and happy times spent outdoors. Summer colors include light, airy tones as well as bold hues that can bring to mind the blooming flowers of spring. According to color theory, red and orange are excellent at stimulating and energizing, yellow promotes creativity, purple is linked to spirituality, and the more natural hues such as blue and green can add an essence of calmness to your space (London Image Institute, 2020). Now, there’s no need to grab the paintbrush! Summer accents can be added with small touches such as pillow covers, wall art, and even curtains. Whether you decide to embrace the brighter elements of a summer color palette with pinks, yellows, and oranges or stick to the more natural tones of light green and white, there are so many wonderful options for those looking to create a fresh, airy atmosphere in their homes that welcomes visitors from both near and far.

Natural World


It’s time to create your personal jungle! In fact, forest bathing, a Japanese mindfulness practice that involves spending time around nature, has been shown to have positive health benefits (Morita et al. 2007, 60). So why not bring the natural world inside? Think about decorating with plants, lighting a oak scented candle, adding wooden accents or even adding botanical pieces of art. 

Take the First Step


Summer is the perfect time to break free from the standard monotony of interior design, and inject a bit of colour into your home. On the other hand, it can be the perfect time for more subdued, natural designs too! Hopefully, this article has given you some inspiration for your own summer decorating experience. If you would like to check out our luxury scented candles click here or if you’re looking for the perfect summer diffuser scent press here. Good luck!






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London Image Institute. 2020. “Color Psychology: How Do Colors Affect Mood & Emotions?” https://londonimageinstitute.com/how-to-empower-yourself-with-color-psychology/ .

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