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To tell you our story, we’ll have to head back to 2012 when our founders Katharina and Lettye first met at law school. They became close classmates, and soon after, fateful friends.

Carolina York Palmetto Row Candle

While pursuing their degrees, the pair encountered their fair share of work, life, and school stressors, as well as a variety of obstacles they would eventually have to overcome. One of these obstacles was a car crash that left Lettye in the hospital for two full weeks before staying in another hospital for an additional two weeks. Katharina visited and remained supportive both in person and via phone as Lettye began a year-long recovery, re-learning how to walk. The pair spent long days in the hospital, where Lettye had to exist in an uncontrollable space that was far from comfortable. They realized that life was short, and they wanted to take their passions for fragrance, design, and décor and help other people make their spaces more comfortable and beautiful. After this experience, the two began to discuss how they could turn their individual strengths in business and creativity into an experience that could help people unwind and reclaim their space.

From humble beginnings of handcrafted soaps, candles, and scrubs, Katharina and Lettye worked hard to perfect and found Carolina York, a luxury home fragrance brand that creates sophisticated scents in products you’ll be proud to show off. Named after the founders' home states, South Carolina and New York, our brand is an homage to homeno matter where it may be or who you share it with.

Your journey is ours,


Katharina & Lettye

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