Burning candles are the perfect way to fill your home with a warm glow, and a great scent that can add to any occasion. From setting the scene for a romantic dinner for two to a quiet night spent indulging in a bubble bath, a simple flick of a matchstick can transform your entire atmosphere. However, the type of wax you choose can make a big difference.

Modern candles come in all shapes and sizes, with different scents, colors, materials and waxes. On the surface, they seem pretty similar - but not all candles are created equal. While some candle ingredients are environmentally friendly, others can cause harm to you and your surroundings. As a natural product, soy wax is quickly changing the game. But the question remains, why should you choose soy candles instead of the alternatives? Let’s walk through it together!

                    Soy is an All-Natural, Eco-Friendly Alternative

As its name suggests, soy wax comes from the soybean. soy beanWhen harvested, the beans are processed and rolled into flakes. They are then mechanically pressed to extract oils and hydrogenated in order to harden when left out at room temperature. As opposed to common paraffin wax made from petroleum, soy wax candles are excellent fragrance carriers and are made without the addition of artificial elements to enhance their effects.

Soy Wax Candles are Non-Toxic 

If you are a candle lover like we are you should know that not all candles are good for your health. As the most common ingredient in the industry, paraffin comes with some unwelcome side effects for all individuals but in particular those who have allergies, asthma and suffer from lung diseases. When a paraffin candle is lit it begins to release chemicals such as toluene and benzene from the wax into the air (Massoudi and Hamidi 2021, 1-2). As a sustainable and animal-friendly alternative to paraffin and beeswax candles, soy wax is a health-conscious option that will not impact your air quality indoors. 

Soy Provides a Cleaner and Longer Burn

When you light a paraffin wax candle, you may notice that it gives off black soot
when it burns.candle flame Being petroleum-based, it produces air pollution that with consistent usage over time can impact the appearance of your walls, curtains as well as carpets. 
On the other hand, one of the well-known benefits of soy wax is that it produces a cleaner burn. While they are often priced higher than their counterparts, soy wax candles have a lifespan of up to 50% longer making them a cost-efficient choice in the long run.

 Get Lost in Its Aromas

Soy wax is the perfect material to absorb and diffuse the smell of your favorite essential oils. Burning at a lower temperature, modern candles slowly release their scent over time leaving your home smelling its best.

Make the Switch to Soy

100% free of chemicals, renewable and sustainable, purchasing soy wax candles is the right move to make. If you’re searching for your next natural candle, you don’t have to look far! Check out our collection here.


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Massoudi, Ruhullah, and Amid Hamidi. 2017. “Some Candles Emit Hazardous Materials for Human Health and Are Indoor Air Pollutants”. International Journal of TROPICAL DISEASE & Health 24 (2), 1-10. https://doi.org/10.9734/IJTDH/2017/34965.


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